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Danman & Shelly Ravid – Show A Likkle Love / Indica Dubs & Ashanti Selah – Noah’s Promise 10″ White Vinyl , , ,


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A1: Show A Likkle Love –  Danman & Shelly Ravid

A2: Dubplate Mix II – Indica Dubs & Ashanti Selah

B1: Noah’s Promise – Indica Dubs & Ashanti Selah
B2: Dub by Two – Indica Dubs & Ashanti Selah

Text copied from Indica Dubs website:

This is the first Indica Dubs release to feature Ashanti Selah, son of the mighty Aba Shanti I. Ashanti Selah is responsible for many top releases over the past few years; including the well sought-after ‘Violin Step’. The 10” features two singers who are no strangers to the label – Danman and Shelly Ravid. Danman and Indica Dubs have worked together on top anthems such as ‘Righteous Man’ and ‘The Wisest Live Long’. Shelly Ravid has also featured backing vocals on another anthem from Danman and Indica Dubs; ‘Jah Guide & Protect’, and ‘Let Jah’ by Earl Sixteen and Indica Dubs.

‘Show A Likkle Love’, on Side A of the 10” vinyl, is packed of mindful lyrics singing for more peace, love and unity amongst the people in this troubled world, controlled by the Babylon who are fighting us down every day.

The 10” also features an instrumental track on Side B; ‘Noah’s Promise’. The drum, bass and synths section were made by Sukh, and the rootical melodies, percussion and keys added by Ashanti Selah to finish the track. Together this combination resulted in a great melodic steppers rhythm, providing lovely rootical uplifting vibrations.

Both of the rhythms were initially made by Sukh and played exclusively by King Shiloh for nearly 3 years as an instrumental dubplate before Sukh decided to pick up these projects for release material. Sukh then involved fellow friend and producer; Ashanti Selah, to collaborate on the song, both of these youngsters teamed up for this project around the end of summer 2016. All 4 tracks have been mastered by Dougie at Conscious Sounds studio.

Since the projects were complete, the mighty King Shiloh Sound System and legendary Channel One Sound System has been championing the songs as dubplates in their sessions all across the globe.

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