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Kevin Welslau

Kevin Welslau is a versitale artist. Painting and

music are his main passions.

Very well known in the Belgian reggae scene as MC but his number one priority is painting. Be sure to visit his Tumblr page to see his beautiful paintings. Monkeys, nature, life and death are topics which recur a lot in his work. But always in a surrealistic world as seen through his eyes.

He created the logo for I-Topia and Three last designs for the Roots & Culture events in Antwerp were also painted by him. You can see them on:

This “african dub” design is his first contribution for  print on Textile. More to follow!

Philip Paquet

Philip Paquet : illustrator, comics artist, tattoo artist, painter, musician…but above all storyteller.
He published his first comic, a short story, in 1998. Since then he has created many more.
Variation is important, got to keep on moving.

P is best known for his Louis Armstrong graphic novel :
“This book feels as personal to Philip Paquet as the words to Satchmo himself. Paquet’s unique watercolor style gives Louis Armstrong an unmistakable sense of nostalgia that reaches deep into the memory of a great man and gives a certain clarity to an already distinctive voice.” Allen Hui.

Andreas Peeters

“Het afgelopen decennium kampte Andreas Peeters met een lichte obsessie voor reggaemuziek in al zijn vormen. Die obsessie uitte zich o.a. in een bijzonder hardnekkige vinylverslaving, maar ook in een reeks tekeningen en grafisch werk, die hij ondertekent met zijn initialen AP.
Tijdens de laatste vijf jaar werkte hij aan de Belgische dubdocumentaire BelDub, die deze zomer te zien was op Acht TV.”

Juli Jupter

Juli Jupter
Born and raised in Ilheus, Bahia, Brasil 1988.
Juli is a self taught artist with a big urge to express herself. Through drawing, dancing, singing and making music.
Coming from a home schooled base everything she makes is based on talent, the urge to perfection and an obsession to be a full-time artist. She is an artist in many ways with lots of promises towards the future.
In her paintings you see fairy and idyllic characters but in the details you can see also the hard life she comes from. With the typical, colorful South-American style the paintings look like they have been taken straight out of a fairy tale.
For I-Topia she delivered a drawing of a drummer which relates perfect with what we stand for. The drum, music coming straight from the heart. That’s why we called it “Heart, drum, beat”
If you want to order this drawing on paper print or an original painting you can get in contact with Juli Jupter by clicking on her name.

Griet vingerhoets

Griet vingerhoets is passionated about drawing and makes art with all materials available. Wood, paper, metal…

she spends a lot of her free time on making most beautiful work. being Part of the first i-topia expo Griet made wooden figures in the shape of animals and used them to make a holder for old fashioned music cassettes. Also a big recycled wooden circle where she burned on her inspiration for this T-shirt.

This work is called: “promised land“

You can see and buy the cassette holders in our

webshop! You can also send request to order your own animal by sending mail to

Griet will Get in touch with you and see what the possibilities are.

Pictures of her other works can be seen on:

Ethel Laka

Ethel Laka

is a female Tattoo artist in South Africa, Johannesburg.

She specializes in fine Arts as her speciality and proceeded to take up tattooing as a career from around 2004. She owns and runs her own professional studio at home.

She have been part builder of the Kebra Ethiopia sound system since its inception and has a deep love and
passion for Reggae music and Sound System Culture.

This has been a close to heart project as it infuses her love of art and creativity within the Reggae movement as she has come to know it in her homestead, deeply rooted in daily live.

You can see more of her fine works or get in contact for artwork questions on:

We affirm our cultural essence and spirit with these T-shirt prints in Association with I-Topia. As is our sound system ethos, a continuation and unrelenting challenge to systematic oppression.

Thereby using Reggae music as an imperative means to black consciousness, social grace and humanism.

Gorka González Delgado

Gorka González Delgado,

is a young designer from Basque Country, in the north of Spain, close to the french border.
Designer on his own, and cofounder of the Gudaridub community in spain. Related to reggae and especially, with the Spanish sound system culture. he is Known for his sound system vectors throughout the planet and his photoshop montages, relating famous people to this dubculture. he focuses mainly on the design of posters, logos and other types of graphic works, generally related to reggae.

For i-topia he made a design called “steppa dub” which was inspired by the open air, free soundsystem sessions they organise on the steppe (or mountains) in spain. They take a generator and soundsystem and have their free dances. Music for the people!

You can find his, mostly black & white, pictures and other works on his instagram account:
get in contact with Gorka on facebookgorkadub”

or through mail:


Kads is at the center of the Japanese reggae painting scene and is a pioneer of live painting in the reggae world. Kads first encountered reggae in the late 80’s. He has been loving reggae music and creating art for over 20 years. While he was still in school, he began working as a graphic designer in Tokyo. Reggae music started to influence his work, and the rebel culture that forms the base of reggae music began to define his work in particular.

In 1988 he began working as an artist. He painted murals and combined live performances of painting with reggae music.
In 1992 he went to Jamaica for two months. The art and music encountered on the trip had a large influence on his work. Meeting Rastafarians during his time in Jamaica imbued his art with a clear direction.
In 1994 and 1995 Kads took a trip to Ethiopia and India. He created a mural at a Rastafarian commune in Shashemane, Ethiopia that is still there today. Back in Japan he had an art exhibition from where his Nyahbinghi oil painting spread around the world in poster form.
Kads continued holding exhibitions of his reggae art, giving live painting performances and doing graphic art for album and CD covers, logos, posters, and clothing. Through this work his name has become known throughout Japan.
Painting in front of an audience while listening to reggae music is Kads’ original style. He is a pioneer of live painting performances in Japan. In 2008, he created a series of popular live painting events called Live Painting SESSION.
In 2009 he published a picture book called Go To Jamaica based on his trip. The first printing sold out in Japan.
In the future he plans to give live painting performances overseas and publish a book of his graphic art that he has accumulated over the past 20 years.
Kads MIIDA is an artist who works with the theme of “to be free, to be a part of nature” to produce colorful works brimming with vitality.
He started to work as an illustrator during the latter half of the 1980s, while studying at Tokyo Zokei University. The core of his creative activity is painting—oil painting, acrylic painting, prints, and murals—although it runs the whole gamut. He also creates products such as clothing and household items; designs artwork for shop interiors, logos, and advertising; performs live painting in collaboration with a variety of musicians; and publishes picture books based on his own experiences.
While Kads MIIDA’s focus was on traveling overseas until the 2011 earthquake, he has since turned his attention to Japan, traveling the entire country to observe it afresh. Working with people who he has met in various places, he is striving to produce works that bear a message for the next generation. His 2013 solo exhibition, “Future Souvenir Exhibition,” focused on collaboration with Japan’s traditional craftsmen working in media such as lacquer or indigo dyeing.
In terms of painting, while a great deal of his production has worked with Japanese themes, he has recently adopted techniques from genres such as nihonga—Japanese style painting—as he works to expand his expressive range and sublimate his own concepts further.

Nicola van Acker – Freelance Graphic Designer, Art & Music Lover. Gent, Belgium.

Creating something unique he learned from his father, he was chef de cuisine in his own restaurant and Nicola’s major source of inspiration. Nicola looked up to his father because he was always looking, searching for something new and fresh and like this see his customers leave the table happy and satisfied.

With this as an example Nicola tries to push his boundaries with every new assignment. Looking for new combinations of forms, colours and thoughts.

Designing is a big part of his happiness and sense of freedom. It allows him to keep on experimenting.

As Nicola says:

“As a graphic designer you have to find yourself in the center of society to be able to look further and think beyond the rigid mindset. Looking for a balance between form and content and feel responsible for the assignments from different employers. A large part of my creativity you have to connect with serendipity, with this i want to say that sometimes you are looking for something specific but eventually you find something unexpected and use this in the assignment.”

If you are looking for a graphic designer and like the work of Nicola?

You can contact him through mail:

Soon his website will be ready and launched!

Ras Mykha Cry in soul, artist from the scene “live and Sound System Dub”.
He collaborates with many labels, Producers or Sound systems and Bands like: “Lion Roots, Jahspora records, Indica Dubs, Roots Ista Posse, Final Call, Roots Meditation, Own Mission records, Belleville inter, Dub Livity, etc.”.
In 2010 he created his own label “Cry In Soul Records”, on which he released the “Give Thanks and Praise” and “Mighty Jahovia”. In 2015 he created with Patate records the Label “ Belleville international Dub Plate Style”
Ras Mykha is a painter and an Illustrator, in 2015 he released a childrens book called  “The sonar system” in collaboration with “the sound system culture project”. He created many Artworks for labels like his own “Cry In Soul Records” but also “Indica Dubs” and “Dub Omatic records”.
Discography Ras Mykha:
People Hungry 7’’( jahspora records 2009), Strong Medication 10’’ ( Roots ista posse records 2010), Bus To Zion 10’’ ( Roots ista posse records 2010), The Run 7’’ (Jahspora records 2011), Traders 12’’ ( Dina Music 2012), Give Thanks & Praise 7’’ (Cry in soul records 2012), Raw Fisherman 10’’ ( Congos Label 2012), Dub Soldiers 12’’ ( Mystical Powa 2013), Every Day 7’’ ( welders Records 2013), HIM Spread the vibes 7’’ (Belleville international 2013), Mighty Jahovia 10’’ ( Cry in soul records 2013), I&I Believe 12’’ ( Dub O Matic 2014) Rootikal Showcase LP ( Belleville records 2015) Don’t Blame 10” (Cry in soul records 2015) War Ina Babylon 10” ( Belleville inrenetional 2016)

is a self-taught illustrator who created since 2015 a soulful and imaginary world full of animals, musicians and borderless landscapes As a Musician and nature lover, he is constantly seeking for new ideas and pics up inspiration and tricks in graphic arts, paintings, music and the nature that surrounds him.
From his studio, based in a small village by the river Garonne and the Pyrénées mountains, he draws what ever crosses his mind and has shaped, in a couple of years, a multidimensional work. from black & white ink drawings to colorfull artwork, posters, record sleeves, bottle labels or calendars.
To see more of Jata’s work Please visit:

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