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Our Story

I-Topia is a project that started with three friends having dinner together. Two artists and a promotor of reggae events.

Three things we all have in common came together in this project. Number one our love for music. Two, ecological way of thinking and living. Three, graphic art.

So these are the three things I-Topia will be about. Eco/fairtrade, music and graphic arts.

In house designers are Philip Paquet and Kevin Welslau. But new designers will be searched for and promoted. New designs coming out mid october when the webshop will be launched.

All designs made by Kevin, Philip and Griet are hand drawn!

We print everything limited to avoid overstocks. Also to be able to bring out more designs and to give every item a sense of exclusivity.

Silkscreen was an obvious choice because it will last for long. Just as your eco music Tshirt, sweater… but anything is possible in the future. We now work with textile from “Earth positive” “Salvage” and “Neutral”. In the future we would like to add limited quantities of other independent eco labels and find collaborations in the world of small eco businesses.

If you read this and you are a graphic talent or you produce eco clothing. Please contact us!

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