It’s Now or Never. Pre Order Time Again! 13 April 2022 – Posted in: news

“Roots” © Philip Paquet on Organic/Fairtrade Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater and Bags.
“I-Topia” © Kevin Welslau on Organic/Fairtrade T-Shirt or Bag.
After 6 years it’s time to print the “Roots” design again. New colours!

With this pre order we give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colours. A limited selection of colours will be printed for the webshop when pre order is done. PRE ORDER ENDS May 1st
Find it all here:

We don’t have to say that last two years life got more expensive… We see no other option than to raise the price a bit. Not enough so we will put our own margin down.
But it’s a mission and a good use of my time to bring you high quality Fairwear with an original design. Supporting fairwear/share and arts in in the same time is never a waist of time…

Because the price went up a bit we decided to offer you even better quality. The T-shirt is now heavy cotton, 185gsm. Before it was 155gsm. New price is €35.
However we also offer you the T-shirt we usual work with for €30 although our buying price went up. This T-shirt is the one with the I-Topia Logo. If you want a Sweater or Hoodie with the I-Topia Logo? Please send mail to
In the shop we only present you the “I-Topia” Man or Woman T-shirt and the bags but all sweaters & Hoodies like presented for the “Roots” design are also available with the logo printed on!

We also decided to stay with “Neutral”. It’s possible to find a less expensive Faitrade brand but we believe in the good intentions and work they do. Also their quality is a big plus.

How it works?
1. Choose your colour of T-shirt
2. Choose Your Size
3. Choose Print Colour
4. Make your Order
Pre order ends 1st of May. 21 days later all should be printed and i will start sending all your orders!

Thanks for Reading this message. If you want to help it’s always appreciated if you share the Pre Order page with your friends on your social network!
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It was not easy to survive as a little shop with all these crises going on so all help is welcome!
Hope to see you this summer somewhere outside where they play loud Music!
Present at: Reggae Geel, Irie Vibes, Rastaplas, Belgian Soundsytem Weekender & More!

More Love,


I Am A Heartbeat, I Am Fair, I Wear I-Topia

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