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Aketi Ray – Mirror
Aketi Ray – Reflect & Rise
Aketi Ray – Mirror – A&O remix
Aketi Ray – Mirror Dub – A&O remix

If you like Jazz & Dub, this is your 12″!

Limited edition! Few copies back in stock!!

Info taken from Alpha Steppa Soundcloud:

A truly unique and inspired collaboration from Alpha Steppa’s Steppas Records, beautifully mastered and pressed to heavyweight 180g vinyl. Aketi Ray are an all-acoustic dub-jazz group from London; double bass, drums, upright piano, horns and percussion, playing original compositions grounded in the instrumental music forms of post-independence Jamaica, also drawing from Ethiopian and US jazz, West African percussion traditions, and UK Steppas. London to Kingston, to New York, to Addis Ababa, to Dakar.

This first release, comes ahead of their debut album ‘From Ever Since’, forthcoming on F-Ire Records in early 2017. The tracks featured here are deeply influenced by the music of Alpha & Omega. Mirror is a piece directly influenced by the classic Alpha & Omega track ‘Show Me A Purpose’; a piece which explores the difficulty of coming to know oneself. Completing the circle of inspiration, Mirror is released here alongside a deep & spiritual remix from UK-dub pioneers Alpha & Omega. Aketi Ray’s Mikus says “Alpha & Omega have been a foundational influence on our sound, so it is both privilege and honour to share our debut pressing with them.” The second track ‘Reflect & Rise’ continues in the same key as Mirror, but moves on from a reflective mood into one that’s focussed and resolute, as encapsulated by the rallying horn arrangements of Kevin Robinson.

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