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Fast Dub (Kitachi Tribute) Androo & NS Kroo – Poly Dance Theatre 12″ , , ,


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A1: Fast Dub – (kitachi_tribute) pt1_1
A2: Fast Dub – (kitachi tribute) pt2 Ruff mix
A3: Fast Dub – (kitachi tribute) pt3 deep mix
B1: Wave Dub Style is back pt1
B2: Wave Dub Style is back pt2 ruff mix

For the 6th POLY DANCE THEATRE release, Androo has decided to release exclusive dubplates from NS Kroo sound system (Androo & Baba). Yes. 2 tracks from the smoky, always intense and sometimes very special sessions of the NS Kroo sound system over the last 10 years. Exxxperienceee. Wave Dub style is a blend of synth wave, dub stepper and club elements.

A side:
Fast Dub, tribute to Kitachi, (Iration steppas). Indeed, NS Kroo didn’t wait for the recent re-issues to play Kitachi tracks, and has been inspired by this vibe from the outset.
Club meets Dub!
Fast Dub is trance, it’s raw, it’s sporty, it’s for the legs, it’s good support (aducteurs), it’s for nimble feet, it’s a book whose last sentence ends on the first, it’s repetition, it’s different style, it’s dance, it’s wild, it’s club rhythm, it’s baba operator, it’s androo selector, it’s sound system vibes, it’s NS Kroo in 2019, it’s a discreet, slightly punkish non-chalance, it’s distortion, it’s “we don’t give a fuck about codes”, it’s that and lots of other things…

B side:
Wave Dub Style Is Back. It’s all in the title. This track is probably from 2014? Wave dub… A mix of new wave/synth pop and dub, with a club mix feel.
Again, trance music, the kind you play when the night never ends to end, an epic end-of-session odyssey.
Soft and strange synth with strong 808 rhythm.
2 mixes. 1st mix: pop synth experience. 2nd mix: raw trance club mix.
Wave Dub Style Is Back was remastered by Androo in 2023 with the support of poly dance theatre compagnie.

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