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Smite Dem – Ashanti Selah Meets Mali Blakamix – Ashanti Selah Music 12″ , , ,


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A1: Smite Dem Original Mix
A2: Dub Dem Verse II
B1: Smite Dem Steppas Cut
B2: Final Chapter Dub
Mixed, Arranged & Recorded @ Selah Dub Studio & Blak Nile Studio UK
Pressure Mastering
From the label:
‘Smite Dem’ is a fully self-produced release that we had made entirely in a remote collaboration style between both our own studios (Selah Dub Studio & Blak Nile Studio) where we had both decided on doing 2 different grooves on the project after initially working tirelessly on the original one drop groove version (which you can hear mixed on the first 2 mixes of the record). This is what set the way for inspirations with the dubs to let loose after one morning waking up and messaging Mali together a serious warrior style steppas pattern for the project. He did that without fail as that being his forte. At this stage it then led us to both be very ecstatic with the outcome of the creation at hand.
With great honour we are pleased to share with you the fully completed first wave of collaborations from this booming link-up ready to blaze up plenty of sessions worldwide! The message is here and the word is clear; let us live in love and not have any fears! Keep your shining light bright for all mankind, oh Jah!

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