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Callie Weed – Heptones Explosion – Jaywax 7″ (TRS) , , ,


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A: Callie Weed – Heptones Explosion – Jaywax 7″ (TRS)
B: Callie Dub
Produced by Harry J
Written & Arranged by Telford Nelson
Distributed by TRS Records
Note from Top Ranking Sound:

TRS Records unveils the next instalment of our Harry J reissues, shining a spotlight on the timeless classic “Callie Weed.” The debate over who the lead singer is has been resolved, confirming that Jackie Bernard from the group Kingstonians is, in fact, the soulful voice driving this iconic song. Teaming up with Bernard, are friends Telford “Tilly” Nelson and Leroy Sibbles who contribute unique background vocals that effortlessly enhance Bernard’s emotive delivery.
Coming together to provide the instrumental backdrop was the Soul Syndicate band, enhancing the composition’s depth. Reflecting on the creation of “Callie Weed,” Telford Nelson vividly recalls auditioning the song on his guitar for producer Harry J in 1975. Before the official recording, Harry J reached out to Leroy Sibbles (who had just returned from living abroad in Canada) in hope to enrich the track with his distinctive backing vocals. This collaborative effort resulted in a dynamic blend, showcasing the different vocals and musical elements. It’s important to note that the record was initially attributed to the ‘Heptones Expression,’ likely for marketing reasons. However, in reality it was Telford Nelson’s composition from the beginning. As the only member of the actual Heptones involved in this recording, Leroy Sibbles contributed by providing a subtle touch of backing vocals, even though Nelson’s harmonies takes precedence in the final vocal mix following Jackie Bernard’s lead. Remarkably, on the Dub side, Telford’s vocals are isolated in the mix, resulting in a clear and distinct presence.
Stay tuned for the release of this musical gem, where history meets authenticity in the upcoming Harry J reissues series, exclusively presented by TRS Records.

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