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I Man Suffering – Ophelia – Saultone 7″ (TRS) , , ,


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A: I Man Suffering – Ophelia – Saultone 7″ (TRS)
B: Instrumental
Produced by Gordon Henderson 1978
Distributed by Top Ranking Sound Records
We are absolutely thrilled to announce the reissue of Ophelia’s captivating song, “I Man Suffering,” soon available on 7″ vinyl for the first time. This exceptional release includes both the original recording and a special instrumental version, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of Ophelia’s interpretation.
Ophelia’s rendition of “I Man Suffering” is an extraordinary cover version. Originally released by Gaylords Power Union in the mid-1970s, this track was masterfully reimagined by Ophelia, the celebrated cadence-lypso singer from Dominica. In January 1978, Ophelia recorded her rendition in Paris, collaborating with the exceptionally talented musicians of Exile One and benefiting from the expert production skills of the legendary Gordon Henderson from Saultone Records. Through her interpretation, Ophelia infuses the beloved song with a renewed vitality, brilliantly showcasing her unique artistic style and impressive vocal abilities.
Over the years, “I Man Suffering” has garnered an underground following, captivating listeners in various corners of the world. Its allure and emotional depth have resonated deeply, making it a cherished gem among music enthusiasts.
Ophelia is an iconic figure in the world of music. Throughout her illustrious career she has rightfully earned titles such as “Dominica’s Lady of Song,” the “First Lady of Creole,” and “la grande dame de la musique Antillaise.” As the first female cadence-lypso singer from Dominica to achieve international stardom, Ophelia’s contributions are unparalleled. Her music has transcended borders, captivating listeners far and wide.

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