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A: Christopher Columbus – Ken Boothe – Fox 7″ (TRS)
B: Columbus Dub
Produced by L. Lindo 1977

Note from TRS:
Hoziah Lawrence, at times spelled as Hosbah or Hosiah, recorded a handful of tracks during his brief career, primarily under the guidance of Jack Ruby. The distinct hard stepping and militant style of ‘Money Lover’ found its place on an obscure and unique label named Haughton Sound in 1977. This label was owned by the up-and-coming lawyer at the time Antonette Haughton who used to spar with many musicians in day. She later transitioned into a fiery and radical talk show host at RJR and more recently became a controversial lawyer who was eventually disbarred from the roll of attorneys before her passing in 2023. The reason behind Jack Ruby attributing production credits to Ms. Haughton remains a puzzle with speculation suggesting potential political motivations, according to the Estate of Jack Ruby. Nonetheless, ‘Money Lover’ has persistently captured the attention of rare vinyl collectors over the years, and we are delighted to present its reissue, contributing to the ongoing mystique surrounding its creation.

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