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A1: Done Wrong Type
A2: Closed Societies
A3: Haile Selassie I Rastaman Crown
A4: Chantajah
A5: Let Live
B1: All About What You Do feat. Pressure & Massiah
B2: Rastaman Life
B3: Maize (My Ease)
B4: Double Speak
B5: All My Life

Note from the label, Before Zero Records:

Originally released in 2005 by I Grade Records, “Let Live” was a forward-thinking, progressive, and contemporary exploration produced by Tippy I and Vaughn Benjamin. This groundbreaking body of work, originally mixed and now remastered for the vinyl release by Tippy I, has an enduring appeal rooted in its forward-thinking compositions, including contributions from the Downbeat production collective (M1 of deadprez, Vijay Iyer, and Sol Messiah) on the title track “Let Live” and “Fighting for Her.”

The album features instrumental contributions ranging from the rich and deep bass work of Kenyatta Itola to the textured guitar layers provided by Tuff Lion and Abijah Hicks. “Let Live” is a unique listening experience that transcends traditional genre limitations.

‘Let Live’ showcases a multitude of collaborations, such as the standout track “All About What You Do,” featuring Pressure Busspipe and Massiya, with bass and guitar from Tippy I.

Capturing the essence of the album, the LP cover artwork was designed by Marcus Wilson. The cover with Haile Selassie as the eternal fountainhead of humanity and carries an overarching message of diversity and spiritual connectedness.

“Let Live,” one of thousands of lyrical masterpieces from Vaughn, holds particular significance for Before Zero Records. The lyric:

“Who is like Jah? Point without end Infinite circumference Jah”

…was a pivotal inspiration in the naming of ‘Before Zero Records’, which speaks to Jah being both the origin and the infinite in a simultaneous tandem.

The re-issue vinyl allows new audiences to engage with the album’s analogue richness without paying the collectors prices of the now highly sought after original press. The re-issue further confirms “Let Live” as a timeless work, offering both spiritual and musical richness, standing the test of time nearly two decades after its original release.

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