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Woke Up – Little Roy – Before Zero Records LP , , ,


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A1: My Friend
A2: My Friend Dub
A3: Separate
A4: Separate Dub
B1: Dont Ring My Bell
B2: Dont Ring My Bell Dub
B3: Woke Up
B4: Woke Up Dub
Production Zion I Kings
Licensed from Zion High Productions
Little Roy’s WOKE UP is a four song Zion I Kings showcase style ep with dub mixes by JAH David Goldfine.

Few singer songwriters of his generation have maintained a recording career as consistently masterful as Little Roy. His timeless classics “Prophecy” and “Tribal War” are among the most versioned songs in the reggae songbook. With a career now spanning six decades, every new Little Roy release raises the Rastafari musical banner another notch higher with no end in sight.

On WOKE UP, the Zion I Kings are complemented in fine style by musicians and vocalists who rank among the finest in reggae. These include, on drums, Roberto Sanchez and Aston Barrett Jr. who is joined by lead guitarist Lamont “Monty” Savory on the title track. Horns are by Okiel Mcintyre and Zoe Brown is featured on flute. Barbara Naps and Madeline Singer join JAH David on the background vocals.

In 2023, Zion High Productions is celebrating twenty years of “crucial Rastafari music for these crucial times.


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