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We are pleased to offer you a new design for 2021!
The drawing was cooking up for a while but now is the time to present it to you.
Again we use Neutral Clothing because Fairwear and Quality are important to us. And of course silkscreen with eco inks. Printed locally by Goed Gedrukt.
Limited as usual! So click here and order now if you don’t want to miss this design!

As you can see the prices went up a little bit. This was unavoidable because also the clothing got more expensive.
What defines the price for our clothing?
– The artist gets paid per print we make. So the more popular the design the more we can pay the artist but it increases the price per item. All rights of the work stay with artist, so we hire his work per print 🙂
– We promote the artist with extra label on the clothing and online promotion.
– We see no other way than working Fair & Eco. Quality and long living clothing is a way to reduce your impact on this planet. Neutral Clothing offers both.
– No mass production, Limited Print. Also this increases the price per item. But you get a long lasting garment in return.
– We offer a Luxury product for a reasonable price.

Seppe Seppe
is a visual artist who goes with the name Tz’unun ART & design. Active in multiple diciplines within the art world. Digital & analogue. It’s always interesting to combine these two, he says. Always searching for a way to create things you can’t do digital in an analogue way and visa versa. He currently studies Graphic Design at School Of Arts – KASK In Ghent. His work is often monochrome, especially black and white. He has a certain way of working with the rough materials he uses to create an overall rough or raw image, where in between the roughness always lie in these little details that make the whole image interesting to look at and discover new things every time you look. All feedback, questions, tips & jobs are welcome! Always interested in collabs, projects or artwork swaps.
About Seppe Seppe

A big thank you to all who supported during the years, especially last two years!
More Love & Good Health to all.


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