I-Topia wishes you and yours health, strength & power! 18 March 2020 – Posted in: Geen categorie, news

Dear I-Topians,

First of all i hope you and yours are all healthy. For those who have family or friends affected by this virus i wish you strength & full recovery!

As you all heard on the news there are some restrictions now for public life. So we won’t meet in person for a while 🙁 🙁 (Miss you all!!)

The online shop stays open and postal services in Belgium keep on delivering. So until now there are no delivery problems ina Belgium.
We keep you updated on any new rules or restrictions.

Orders outside Belgium can have serious delay now. If you make an order from outside Belgium i will send an email to ask if you want me to put it on the side until after the quarantaine or if you wish to proceed. We advice you to go for the first option. Don’t worry your order will be safe and waiting for you.

Any questions about this situation you can send an email to: info@i-topia.be
Or if you just want a talk you can reach me on Facebook.

Reggae is now on quarantaine too but we see many livestreams to keep you in a positive mindset.
So big up to all artists, selectors and promotors who try to make the best of this situation.
All those who have to cancel events, concerts etc. We feel you!

Stay strong, stay healthy & take care of your close ones.

More Love & Strength from I-Topia

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